Friday, 15 January 2010

Breach on Port Franxs

Port Franxes

  • Class: Behemoth Space Port
  • Constructed: 239.M38
  • Location: Orbiting Praxedes IV
  • Displacement: 915,500,000 Metric Tons
  • Crew number: 120,000
  • Scanned life signs: 238,367,904


+++Time Stamp 748.M41++++++++++++++++++++++

+++Location:Port Franxes-level 471-sub sector Theta+++

+++Fault:Power failure - segments 12-29, 53-67,89-91++

+++Maintenance crew 223 have not reported on time+++

+++Send Port Security to recover crew 223+++++++++

Those on Praxedes IV looking up, Port Franxs looks like a small distant mis-shapen moon. However, not much time is dwelt on Port Franxs, as the fighting between the Imperial forces and the Tau Empire intensifies after the arrival of new leadership for both armies.

The new High General and his retainers see Port Franxs as a vital tool in hindering and destroying the Tau forces.

Plans are made, and soon fleets of cargo ships laden with munitions, mechanicum staff, servitors and boxes marked 'confidential' are flying to Port Franxs, and the cargo ships are returning empty.

This however does not go un-missed by the H'Rus commander. Using some of his new human auxiliaries to infiltrate the command base they discover the High Generals plans and decide to send a Enforced cadre to breach the space station and intervene where they can. The Orca transport 'Heavenly Star' is retro-fitted with breaching tubes and short term Stealth shielding.

Fortune follows the Heavenly star when a unpredicted solar flare disrupts all electronics on Port Franxs allowing the Tau's approach to be undetected. However, the solar flare also disrupts the Heavenly stars nav systems causing them to veer off the targeted breaching zone by 18 kilometres, as well as disrupting or wiping all battle suit and stealth suit system software.

The Tau are forced to use the Fire Warriors and Kroot mercenaries until the tech cast could upload sofware and reboot systems.

******** TO BE FINISHED ****************

The Tau have boarded the ship and 1 Blip is

Guard player roles reserves at beginning of game to see what is already on the board on 3+. Random deployment from door section.

Doors are treated like vehicles, if move up to one and open door, movement stops. If at a door can open door and move.

Each squad has one grenade, roll scatter 1D6 as normal (range of 6"). If hits wall, stop there. Models completely under template str 4, partial str3.

Guard move random until alert by squad contacted.
Int test for squad surprised by meeting enemy. If fail test then can't move, but shoot on the spot with rifles only.
Each square is 2" move.
Port Franx - PorSect = investigate where tau came from.
2 Traitor Guard = lost in be continued.
2 Main breach points for Tau.Can PortSec.

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