Monday, 26 October 2009

Game X: Jail Break part 2

Game Type: Breakthrough
- Wilkinson H'Russ Sept Codex: Tau Empire 1750pts
- Nandoo, Codex: Imperial Guard: CCCLIIVostroyan First born 1750pts

Result: Draw.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Game IX Jailbreak : Part 1, breaking in...

The Vostroian gate guard were sheltering behind their Aegis shields for whatever comfort they could get. The picket forces that were patrolling the crater-pocked fire lanes were not even allowed the shelter of their transports. The senior officers were, of course, snug inside the gate bastion.

The howling wind and sheets of rain hid the first signs of the attack - the troops new nothing was amiss until two massive eruptions decimated the picket patrols. A third detonation boomed, hurting no-one, but being a far more effective alarm than the claxons that started to wail along the line. Even as Guardsmen were hurriedly donning kit and preparing themselves, Tau units appeared right in front of the line.

Crisis suits, a Broadside, Devilfish transport and two Piranha's announced their presence with fusion blasters, missile, plasma rifles, railguns and burst cannons. A unit of Kroot mercenaries even materialised in a crater, whilst an unfortunate Stealth team were trapped in the slick mud and slid off the battlefield.

Thus started the Tau's attempt to disrupt the plans of the Vostroian Lord Commissar and his puppet Governor - execution of the Cadian bodyguard of the incumbent, rival, Planetary Governor. If the Tau could break in to the prison and effect a rescue, the hardy troops would make valuable allies...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Game V:Rise of the Necrons

Malvairn heights - Praxedes IV 109.747.M41

'The mound of cold eyes. This monument had existed before humanity had even got out of the trees on Terra. When the expeditionary forces had reoccupied this world the imperial archeologist's sent too investigate the site had never come back. In the years to go by, children where told too be good or the cold eyes would get true that would eventually be.'


The landing of the siege rounds had awoken the Necrons. The sudden emanation of power was detected by both the Imperial Guard and Tau. Armoured patrols were sent out too investigate. Upon sighting the emergence of Necrons from the mound of cold eyes, both patrols agreed a temporary truce in order to join forces and repel this greater threat.

Game Type: Annihilation
- Wilkinson H'Russ Sept Codex: Tau Empire 750pts
- Nandoo, Codex: Necrons, 1500pts
- Harris 291st Death Korps of Krieg; Codex: Imperial Guard 750pts
Result: Necron Victory.

IG and Tau were deployed in the the corners of the table, the the kroot infiltrating into the wood line ahead. Necrons would deepstrike within 12" of the mound of cold eyes which was centered on the opposite side.


IG and Tau push forward in order to close distance with the Necrons.

The first to emerge from dormancy are the Destroyers who take a couple of shots at the visible IG. Unfortunately the shots are stopped by the cover of the trees. The Tau and IG push forward and disembark troops. The Tau on the left of the Necrons create a gun line ready for anymore Necrons to appear from the mound.

The Tau on the left of the Necrons create a gun line ready for anymore Necrons to appear from the mound.

Meanwhile the IG Krieg forces push forward into the treeline in order to get some cover and setup the heavy weapons.

The Tau watch as the IG fire, as their own weapons are out of range to help. The troops find that they are out of range to be effective, but the master of ordnance finds his mark and wipes out the destroyers. There is a roar of elation from both the guard and Tau see the Necron destroyers blown apart from the ordnance shell. This is quickly changed to screams of orders to take cover, as a not one, but two Necron Lords appear with twenty Necron warriors from the ground just meters from the Tau gunline.

A stream of Gauss flux arcs sweep across Tau gunline from both units of Necron warriors, shredding firewarriors from both units. The Kroot hidden in the woods watch closely and line up their rifles against the metal skeletons. A burst of fire from the woods knocks over two of the Necron warriors, but many shots just bounce off their metal skin.

The Tau commander pushes forward and rallies his troops who also fire on both squads of Necrons, dropping a few more. The IG who have been slowly pushing forward, add multi-laser and heavy stubber to the Tau fire which just bounces off the Necrons as well. The master of ordnance's shot misses the mark, and lands between the two squads of Necrons.

A guardsmen points at the sand and shouts to his sergeant as two Necron heavy destroyers emerge amongst the IG.

Both Necron Lords push forward towards the Tau line and this time rapid-fire at the Tau Fire warriors. Flaying armour and flesh from bone.

In the face of the approaching Necrons, the Tau fired everything they had at them. Many Necrons fell from the fussilade of fire. The Necron Lord raised his resurrection orb which radiated an errie green glow. The fallen Necron warriors rose again, reattaching broken limbs and picking up their weapons.

The Necron Lord with the destroyer body detached from his warriors and headed towards the Imperial Guard. The other Lord headed towards the Tau line that was no faltering, even with the Tau commanders presence.

Both Necron warriors squads crashed into the Tau warriors on their left and right flanks. The outcome was as expected with the Tau warriors having no chance. Fire warriors were ripped to pieces or scattered into the wilderness, screaming.

The IG on the left flank did not notice the slaughter of the Tau Fire Warriors as they had their own problems to deal with, as the the two necron detroyers and the Lord started to advance.

Campain Progress: After Game 8

No Game last night, Two of the old men who do this campaign were ill or recovering from surgery, so we did somthing slighly lower impact. During the course of this lower impact activity, we go to talking about the results so far and someone made the point that the Tau were winning ands down. So I thought it was time I brought the campaign results up to scratch. So here they are:
The Game Table:

Summary Chart:

So the Tau Empire have gained the upper hand on Praxedes IV, championed mainly by Blizzard Wolf and his H'rus Sept faction.

  Its a long way to go until the planet is finally liberated however, and with the Rise of the Necrons and the roumours of Eldar intervention against their Ancient foe, anything is possible!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Game VIII - Assault on Outpost Theta 220 from the Death Korps

I lost the toss and was given the attackers role. Looking at the secenario, I decided to change up my usual list:
  • 5 Man Grenadier teams would use Storm Trooper rules
  • All Chimeras were dropped from the list
  • Leman Russ (Jagd Russ) would be replaced by a Vendetta
  • Bane wolves would be un-squadroned
As everything could deep strike I was not going to need Creed - (Kurtz), who is usually there to get the Banewolves outflanking.  So out he went to make way for Iron Hand Stracken (Colonel Stahlin).  This was going to be a short range assault, making him the obvious choice to lead the 5th Company assault.The was teamed up with a Lascannon  (Hind sight - Bad choice); Astropath; Master of the Fleet and Forward Observer (Master of Ordinance); and a body gaurd (I had 15 pts spare).

Anything that could Deep Strike Normally was allowed to Assault out of deep strike, so out went the ususal Veteran Grenadiers, in came the Storm trooper Grenadiers.  In hindsight I probably should have kept the Veteran Grenadiers, less points per man for basically the same load out, and I didn't end up using the assault option anyway.

Also keeping with the deep strike -Assault, I used Marbo (Watchmaster Steiner).  Again being un used to the combo, he deployed by deep strike, too far away to affect anything.  Then ran about the board only getting into a combat in turn 4 whereuppon he killed 4 kroot and promptly died in the counter attacks.  Bit of a disapointment.  My bad though not the rules.

Two units of Grenadiers Veterans remauined in the lis, they lost their ususal chimera rides and deployed by deep strike instead.  They got to keep their lascannons and in addition were given Demo charges, with woked a treat late game, murdering a Squad of fire warriors who had just tumbled out of a wrecked transport, and half a dozen kroot.

 Fast Attack:

Three single unit squadrons of Bane Wolves - These could be deployed by deep strike so I didnt need Creed (Kurtz) to out flank them.  The roster aloowed up to 6 fast attack so out went the hated squadroning and they were deployed as individual units.  Unfortunately for me two were imobilised in the inevidable face off with the broadsides (who died! muahhahahaha!) and one threw a track on a crater as it entered the board!  They were ignored the rest of the game, even though the Multimeltas kept up a punisjhing fire on the Tau vehicles.

Vendetta:  I forsee many more of these things in my fututre.  They rock pure and simple.  One soaked up most of the Taus anti tank fire for te game while destroying two tanks and purging a unit of firewarriors! Fear the Vendetta!

Heavy Support:

Game Play:
The Game was great fun, it see-sawed back and forth on almost a turn by turn basis.  First turn saw the Bastion's void shield poped, then The Bastion itself was destroyed, followed by most of the Tau vehicles deployed., surely leaving rhe Imperium ascendant  Then the Bane wolves were immoblised, leaving the Tau looking in a good position. 

Guardsmen started dying in droves, then Tau, then more Tau vehicles poped by Meltas and Multimeltas.
Colonel Stahlin and his HQ made it into the crater and took a charge from the Kroot.  It looked all over for the Tau with an Imperial win, but in an impressive (and throughly Wilkinson like) set of dice rolls a single Kroot was left in the crater and a dice roll ended the Game.  One more turn and theTau troop choices and HQ,s would have been exterminated or at least held out of the crated by Assaults.  Overall a Very fun game! and a Win for tyhe Tau, Leaving Billzard Wolf (Tau) in the lead on 3 VPs for the campaign with one each for Death Jester (Necrons) and CommissarHarris (291st Death Korps of Krieg.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Game VIII - Assault on Outpost Theta 220

With the emergence of the Necrons and forces being mobilised to push them back, opportunities for both sides to use this to their advantage have arisen.

Seize and Destroy:

Attacker Overview:

A comms outpost has been left almost defenceless due to the threat of the Necrons. Your surprise attack may have bought you enough time to destroy the outpost and sever the comms lines below.

Defender Overview:

If the invading force destroy the underground comms cables, it could spell disaster for this sector of the line! You must engage the enemy with everything you have. Reinforcements are on there way to help.

Points: 1750

Special Rules:


Outpost is situated in middle of the board. Defender sets up terrain too their liking.


Half the force is deployed anywhere on table. The rest is in reserve and will appears on defender long table edge apart from units that can usually outflank or deep strike. The reserve roll for deployment is (Turn 1: 4+, Turn 2: 3+, Turn 3: 2+, Turn 4: Automatic).


The outpost has Armour 14 all round, one infantry unit of any size.

The outpost has a single void shield (treated as Armour:12, destroyed on first glancing or penetrating hit).

It is protected by four automated heavy bolter bastions which will fire at the beginning of each defenders shooting phase at the nearest target in sight (BS 2). If held by attacker, the bastions guns will not work as they have been switched off.

In addition the outpost is protected by either:
Quad Gun (Range:48", Str:7, AP:4, Heavy 4 Twin-Linked Interceptor) or a Icarus Lascannon (Range:96, Str:9, AP:2, Heavy 1 Interceptor)

Interceptor: Treated as artillery piece with armour 10 (destroyed on first glancing or penetrating hit). Automated weapon system, may fire in the beginning of the defenders shooting phase. May fire at the end the attackers movement phase (If so, then can not shoot next turn).

Defence Lines:

Shield sections that provide 4+ cover to the front, +2 cover if unit goes to ground.


All models are in reserve and can deep strike (units which already have the deepstrike rule, can also assault in the turn they arrive). The reserve roll for deployment is (Turn 1: 3+, Turn 2: 2+, Turn 3: Automatic).

Before beginning of game roll D3, and receive that number of preliminary bombardments (Str 9, AP 3). These fall before turn one and can scatter upto 2D6" if not a hit on scatter dice. No morale checks are taken for defender casualties. If the round hits open ground the attacker may place a crater if they want too (4+ cover save; area terrain). Void shield are immune to the preliminary bombardment.

Game Length:

As per standard games.

Victory Conditions:

Attacker wins if they have the the only non-vehicle model in base contact with the outpost (or crater if outpost destroyed) by end of game. They have positioned enough explosives to sever the line.

Any other result is a defender win.

Force Composition

Compulsory 1 HQ

Optional 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 6 Elites, 6 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support


Compulsory 1 HQ, 2 Troops

Optional 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack, 6 Heavy Support