Saturday, 17 October 2009

Game IX Jailbreak : Part 1, breaking in...

The Vostroian gate guard were sheltering behind their Aegis shields for whatever comfort they could get. The picket forces that were patrolling the crater-pocked fire lanes were not even allowed the shelter of their transports. The senior officers were, of course, snug inside the gate bastion.

The howling wind and sheets of rain hid the first signs of the attack - the troops new nothing was amiss until two massive eruptions decimated the picket patrols. A third detonation boomed, hurting no-one, but being a far more effective alarm than the claxons that started to wail along the line. Even as Guardsmen were hurriedly donning kit and preparing themselves, Tau units appeared right in front of the line.

Crisis suits, a Broadside, Devilfish transport and two Piranha's announced their presence with fusion blasters, missile, plasma rifles, railguns and burst cannons. A unit of Kroot mercenaries even materialised in a crater, whilst an unfortunate Stealth team were trapped in the slick mud and slid off the battlefield.

Thus started the Tau's attempt to disrupt the plans of the Vostroian Lord Commissar and his puppet Governor - execution of the Cadian bodyguard of the incumbent, rival, Planetary Governor. If the Tau could break in to the prison and effect a rescue, the hardy troops would make valuable allies...

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