Saturday, 10 October 2009

Game V:Rise of the Necrons

Malvairn heights - Praxedes IV 109.747.M41

'The mound of cold eyes. This monument had existed before humanity had even got out of the trees on Terra. When the expeditionary forces had reoccupied this world the imperial archeologist's sent too investigate the site had never come back. In the years to go by, children where told too be good or the cold eyes would get true that would eventually be.'


The landing of the siege rounds had awoken the Necrons. The sudden emanation of power was detected by both the Imperial Guard and Tau. Armoured patrols were sent out too investigate. Upon sighting the emergence of Necrons from the mound of cold eyes, both patrols agreed a temporary truce in order to join forces and repel this greater threat.

Game Type: Annihilation
- Wilkinson H'Russ Sept Codex: Tau Empire 750pts
- Nandoo, Codex: Necrons, 1500pts
- Harris 291st Death Korps of Krieg; Codex: Imperial Guard 750pts
Result: Necron Victory.

IG and Tau were deployed in the the corners of the table, the the kroot infiltrating into the wood line ahead. Necrons would deepstrike within 12" of the mound of cold eyes which was centered on the opposite side.


IG and Tau push forward in order to close distance with the Necrons.

The first to emerge from dormancy are the Destroyers who take a couple of shots at the visible IG. Unfortunately the shots are stopped by the cover of the trees. The Tau and IG push forward and disembark troops. The Tau on the left of the Necrons create a gun line ready for anymore Necrons to appear from the mound.

The Tau on the left of the Necrons create a gun line ready for anymore Necrons to appear from the mound.

Meanwhile the IG Krieg forces push forward into the treeline in order to get some cover and setup the heavy weapons.

The Tau watch as the IG fire, as their own weapons are out of range to help. The troops find that they are out of range to be effective, but the master of ordnance finds his mark and wipes out the destroyers. There is a roar of elation from both the guard and Tau see the Necron destroyers blown apart from the ordnance shell. This is quickly changed to screams of orders to take cover, as a not one, but two Necron Lords appear with twenty Necron warriors from the ground just meters from the Tau gunline.

A stream of Gauss flux arcs sweep across Tau gunline from both units of Necron warriors, shredding firewarriors from both units. The Kroot hidden in the woods watch closely and line up their rifles against the metal skeletons. A burst of fire from the woods knocks over two of the Necron warriors, but many shots just bounce off their metal skin.

The Tau commander pushes forward and rallies his troops who also fire on both squads of Necrons, dropping a few more. The IG who have been slowly pushing forward, add multi-laser and heavy stubber to the Tau fire which just bounces off the Necrons as well. The master of ordnance's shot misses the mark, and lands between the two squads of Necrons.

A guardsmen points at the sand and shouts to his sergeant as two Necron heavy destroyers emerge amongst the IG.

Both Necron Lords push forward towards the Tau line and this time rapid-fire at the Tau Fire warriors. Flaying armour and flesh from bone.

In the face of the approaching Necrons, the Tau fired everything they had at them. Many Necrons fell from the fussilade of fire. The Necron Lord raised his resurrection orb which radiated an errie green glow. The fallen Necron warriors rose again, reattaching broken limbs and picking up their weapons.

The Necron Lord with the destroyer body detached from his warriors and headed towards the Imperial Guard. The other Lord headed towards the Tau line that was no faltering, even with the Tau commanders presence.

Both Necron warriors squads crashed into the Tau warriors on their left and right flanks. The outcome was as expected with the Tau warriors having no chance. Fire warriors were ripped to pieces or scattered into the wilderness, screaming.

The IG on the left flank did not notice the slaughter of the Tau Fire Warriors as they had their own problems to deal with, as the the two necron detroyers and the Lord started to advance.

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