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Praxedes IV (Praxedes Quintus)

Population: 10 Billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Civilised
Geography: Two Continents separated by a thin channel. A large world spanning ocean containing small island chains, High concentrations of Sulphur turn the sea yellow.
Mountainous Agricultural Plains , Temperate to desert climate, Low Albedo with a dry atmosphere. Two moons one inhabited.
Government Type: Oligarchy
Planetary Governor: Scion Lucrecia Du-Vayne
Adept Presence: High, Adeptus Administratum, Imperial Guard, Some Adeptus Ministorum clergy, Adeptus Arbites fortress.
Military: Imperial Guard, High Quality; Corporate Armies, Noble Private Armies, Poor/medium quality.
Trade: Praxedes principal export is sulphur, taken from the extensive sulphur reclamation plants around the coasts of the world. These plants serve a dual purpose, removing sulphur from the planets oceans while creating fresh water for the population to drink. there is little free standing fresh water on Praxedes IV with most waterways ranging from brackish to acidic. Some grains also thrive in the highly acidic soil, allowing bumper harvests, and accounting for Praxedes IV other main export, foodstuffs. The Praxedes systems principal trading partners remain the other systems of the Tortuga Marches and the Tau empire. Lying as it does in a spur of worlds off
of the transit corridor across the Damoclese Gulf this is unlikely to ever change.

Background: Founded in M22 in the explosion of colonisation after the creation of the Navigator gene allowed Humanity to travel further and faster than ever before.
Praxedes IV was chosen for colonisation because of its relative fecundity and possibility of exploiting its Sulphur oceans.
Conquered during the Great Crusade, Praxedes IV were brought to compliance by the Blood Angels chapter of Space marines. The population resisted fiercely and was reduced to almost nothing by the chapter. The population was again reduced to almost nothing during the Plauge of
in M36 when the planet joined the wrong side in the Imperium wide civil war. Saint Frankel of the Wounded Heart is remembered for helping to bring the remnants of the population back into compliance.
By 704.M41 the Praxedes system had become a major trading partner of the Tau Empire, along with much of the rest of the Tortuga Marches sub sector. Whilst it was never officially annexed by the Tau, the level of infiltration of the ruling elite was such that more of the planets wealth was heading out to the Tau Empire than to the Imperium. Soon even the tithe was not being met, but by this time the Imperium had plans afoot for the Damoclese Crusade, so rather than launching a punitive expedition against one system, Praxedes would be added to the target list of a Crusade.
Praxedes IV was reached in 742.M41 and invested by the LCXI Division of the III Damoclese Crusade army. Fighting was intense at first and the Imperial armies quickly established dominance over the weaker PDF forces. The Tau responded quickly throwing several septs at the world to 'protect their commercial interests' in the system. Control of the system see-sawed back and forth before settling into a front line across both continents of the world of Praxedes IV, where the line stalemated.
During the withdrawal and aftermath of the Damoclese Crusade the Command staff successfully lobbied the Crusade command for the right to stay and complete the re-conquest of the Praxedes system. However they were granted no other assistance and the world has remained in contention ever since.

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