Thursday, 23 July 2009

An angelic shadow

During the Damocles campaign the major confrontations were between the Forces of the Imperium and the fledgling tau empire. It is reported that the Dark angels were dispatched to counter Traitor legion activities in the surrounding systems.

The dark angles were recorded as having accomplished their mission in the latter part of 742.M41 and withdrawing to muster at the FAZE system, but 5 years on rumours persist of a fleet of ships bearing the badge of the 1st legion floating around the Praxedes system on the edge of the Damocles gulf as if searching for something, whether these stories hold truth to them only the dark angels know.


+++++++DATE: 058747/M41

++++++++REF: 009822/PT

+++++++++TO: Scion Lucrecia Du-Vayne

+++++++From: Inquisitor Thelis


My lord

I shall waste no time with pleasantries and formalities as the matter of which I write to you is of the utmost impotance.

The picts I have sent with this communiqué show a vessel which appears to be of imperial design under the command of the 1st legion astartes heading on a course to the praxedes system, these picts were recovered amongst others from a drifting hulk of a cruiser reportedly transporting a portion of the CCCLII Vostroyan regiment to praxedes quintus.

These picts were the last taken and the trajectory my navigators have plotted put the vessel on a course to praxedes.

According to imperial records the Dark Angels were involved in a few skirmishes on the outskirts of the Damocles gulf after which they were withdrawn, if this was not the case imperial records have been deliberately altered for purposes unknown.

Yours sincerely

The Emperor’s loyal servant

Inquisitor Jaela Thelis


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