Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rules for Dark Angel Games

Victory and Campaign Points
Dark Angels score Victory points and campaign points differently to other forces

Win : 1VP and 1CP on a roll of 6+ per Fallen slain
Draw : -1 VP (cannot take below 0) and -1 CP + 1CP on a roll of 6+ per Fallen slain
Loss : -1 VP (cannot take below 0) and -2 CP + 1CP on a roll of 6+ per Fallen slain

After a game that the dark angels were present roll a D6 for each member of the Fallen that was slain. The Dark Angels gain 1 additional CP for every roll of 6

Win Conditions
Dark Angels are always playing annihilation against the Fallen. If 8 or more Fallen are killed, the Dark Angels gain a win, 4 or less they have lost. This may mean that both players can achieve a victory point.

The Fallen

In any game against the dark angels there will be Fallen Angels, the Fallen will be represented by a full strength (170 pts) tactical squad with any options that do not increase the squads points cost. The exception to this is the Sergeant who can select any war gear he is normally allowed (any amount).

The Fallen can be split up into sub squads as the opposing player feels is appropriate (e.g. 1 squad of 10, 2 squads of 4 and 6 using the rules of Shaefers Last Chancers (Codex: Imperial Guard 4th Ed.)
If split and a sub squad of 1 is made that marine is treated as having the Independent character Universal Special Rule.

Due to the nature of the relationship between the Dark Angels and members of the Fallen
both are subject to the Preferred Enemy Universal Special Rule against one another.

Hunt the Fallen
At the start of the Dark Angels shooting phase, if any member of the fallen is within 12" of a Dark Angels unit that unit must direct all its firepower at the fallen and any squad they may be with and then assault in the following assault phase.

Leave no Witnesses
The Dark Angels will not allow their secret to become public knowledge and thus will fire upon Imperial allies as well as enemies to keep their secret safe.

Any allied or enemy unit which has line of sight and is within 6" inches of a fallen becomes a target for the Dark Angels.

If all witness squads are killed then one extra CP dice can be rolled, if any are left alive then - 1 CP rolls.

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