Saturday, 11 July 2009

++++ Awakening ++++

The yellow sea, a vast mass of land slowly becoming desert. Located near the equator of the main continent of Praxedes IV. Little life exist in the area, and what does live is concentrated in small Oasis's. Life is harsh for all in the area. But this will shortly change. Not because of environmental or technological change to make life easier. No, the change will be that all life in the yellow sea will be extinguished.

Deep below the yellow desert reside vast catacombs. A shift in the tectonic plates caused by the fighting between the Imperials and Tau empires causes a localised quake. Shards of stone fall from the ceiling of the catacomb. It takes almost a minute for these shards to impact below. A few of the shards create dull thuds as they hit the ground, but many impact with a metallic ping.

Millenia dormant circuits start to activate and the catacombs start to pulse with an eerie green glow.

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