Thursday, 1 October 2009

Game VIII - Assault on Outpost Theta 220

With the emergence of the Necrons and forces being mobilised to push them back, opportunities for both sides to use this to their advantage have arisen.

Seize and Destroy:

Attacker Overview:

A comms outpost has been left almost defenceless due to the threat of the Necrons. Your surprise attack may have bought you enough time to destroy the outpost and sever the comms lines below.

Defender Overview:

If the invading force destroy the underground comms cables, it could spell disaster for this sector of the line! You must engage the enemy with everything you have. Reinforcements are on there way to help.

Points: 1750

Special Rules:


Outpost is situated in middle of the board. Defender sets up terrain too their liking.


Half the force is deployed anywhere on table. The rest is in reserve and will appears on defender long table edge apart from units that can usually outflank or deep strike. The reserve roll for deployment is (Turn 1: 4+, Turn 2: 3+, Turn 3: 2+, Turn 4: Automatic).


The outpost has Armour 14 all round, one infantry unit of any size.

The outpost has a single void shield (treated as Armour:12, destroyed on first glancing or penetrating hit).

It is protected by four automated heavy bolter bastions which will fire at the beginning of each defenders shooting phase at the nearest target in sight (BS 2). If held by attacker, the bastions guns will not work as they have been switched off.

In addition the outpost is protected by either:
Quad Gun (Range:48", Str:7, AP:4, Heavy 4 Twin-Linked Interceptor) or a Icarus Lascannon (Range:96, Str:9, AP:2, Heavy 1 Interceptor)

Interceptor: Treated as artillery piece with armour 10 (destroyed on first glancing or penetrating hit). Automated weapon system, may fire in the beginning of the defenders shooting phase. May fire at the end the attackers movement phase (If so, then can not shoot next turn).

Defence Lines:

Shield sections that provide 4+ cover to the front, +2 cover if unit goes to ground.


All models are in reserve and can deep strike (units which already have the deepstrike rule, can also assault in the turn they arrive). The reserve roll for deployment is (Turn 1: 3+, Turn 2: 2+, Turn 3: Automatic).

Before beginning of game roll D3, and receive that number of preliminary bombardments (Str 9, AP 3). These fall before turn one and can scatter upto 2D6" if not a hit on scatter dice. No morale checks are taken for defender casualties. If the round hits open ground the attacker may place a crater if they want too (4+ cover save; area terrain). Void shield are immune to the preliminary bombardment.

Game Length:

As per standard games.

Victory Conditions:

Attacker wins if they have the the only non-vehicle model in base contact with the outpost (or crater if outpost destroyed) by end of game. They have positioned enough explosives to sever the line.

Any other result is a defender win.

Force Composition

Compulsory 1 HQ

Optional 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 6 Elites, 6 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support


Compulsory 1 HQ, 2 Troops

Optional 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack, 6 Heavy Support

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