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Vanadian Campaign: Overview

Vanadian is a world in turmoil. Factions both within the Imperium and without are fighting to decide the destiny of this troubled system. The Vanadian Campaign is a narrative campaign for Warhammer 40k. It is intended to give some background context to your 40K games, and give a sense of story and meaning. It is not intended to add any difficult book keeping or be restrictive in any way.

The star system of Vanadian has been divided into a series of warzones, some have special rules to fight in them, and once they are controlled, they will grant special rules to those factions who own them. However there is no requirement to use these in your Vanadian games, and they can be adopted in part or in whole as it suits your temperament.

Similarly the factions fighting over the carcas of this once once proud demi-forge have been assigned codex's that fit their back story. Whilst we strongly recommend that when claiming a victory for a faction you use a valid codex for the faction, our opposition can be proxies in from any other codex or list.

The Important thing is to post results for your faction, results will be collated and at the end of each game turn, control of each region will be determined and factions will be informed of the bonus'es they have unlocked.

The Golden Rule is: Have Fun and post results!

The Strategic Turn

The game will be divided into Four Strategic turns, with each turn roughly equating to one month (or after enough Activity).

This is essentially a book keeping phase during which time the GM will update the Faction pages and list the bonuses each faction can claim in game.

So Whos winning?

Each turn the GM will open a turn thread and give a summary of activity in the system. The WarzonesThe system of Vanadian has been divided into war zones.
Warzones can relate to anything from an entire moon to a region on a planet to an industrial block of a Hive. Factions established in the war zone will compete against each other for possession of a Warzone. If your faction is not in a war zone already and you would like to invade it, there are two ways to invade it:
- win several games against a faction in that war zone to establish a beachhead; or
- Win a game and contact the GM with a Batrep (it is Narrative after all).

This is the only time you need to play an opponent with a specific codex. If you win, report the result and tell the GM you are going for control when reporting the result

Organising a Game

Organise a game just as you would a normal 40k game with one exception: pick a region to fight over.
At least one faction should be present in that region for the control to be calculated, otherwise the Game will be calculated as a Skirmish.
If you want to, set out the board with appropriate for that terrain, agree any rules you are going to apply from your factions rules for that turn. Then play the game.

All results count. Report them all.

Results will count for more if the codex is in the region you are playing over.

Posting Results

Once you have completed your game and have a result, post the result online here: this is an online form that includes help on how to fill it in.
This goes into a massive database which calculates the result. Control Games will gain control of regions; Skirmish games will make regions easier to take.
Results will be posted in the strategic phase.


In the Vanadian System; there are:
- two Worlds;
- two Moons; and
- an Orbital Station

Each of these are divided into points of strategic interest. Special rules and current ownership for the turn will be posted into the Warzones Thread.

Factions in the Vanadian System

There are five factions in Vanadian, with considerable cross over in terms of codex, allowing for a lot of variation/Battle brother action. More info can be seen in the page for each Faction. The Factions are:
- Vanadian Bishopric (Ecclesiarchy)
- Vanadian CLI Division (The Du-Umvirates forces)
- Lord Blearggg, Lord of the Flies Vavoured of Papa Nurgle (Chaos and Dark Mechanicum)
- Vanadian Independance Movement (Tau Worshipers)
- Cabal of the Splintered Eye (The Cabal of Archon Azhad, Master of Wilderheim)

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