Monday, 29 June 2009


742.M41 Damocles Crusade Begins and Ends in the same year. Imperial Forces withdraw to face Hive Fleet Behemoth.

746.M41 the Tau Sept world of H'Rrus is consumed by Hive Splinter Geiger, but not be fore a heroic defence allows the H'Rus Sept to pull out many of its citizens to a rescue fleet.

747.M41 Tau H'Rus Sept arrives on the planet of Praxedes IV, and joins the front line against the Imperial Guard forces.

058.747.M41 Inquisitor Thelis recovers picts of a Space Marines Battle Barge from the wreckage of a troop transport carrying a company of the Vostroyan CCCLII first born to Praxedes Quintus. An Analysis of the Pict recordings show the Barge to be be that of the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines. Navigators on board report the Battle Barge changing course for Praxedes Qunitus.

058.747.M41 Tau H'Rus Sept launch a counter offensive, recapturing the outer suburbs of the town of Vidighese on Praxedes Qunitus.

071.747.M41 Inconclusive Fighting continues in and around down town Vidighese on Praxedes Quintus between the 291st Death Korps of Krieg regiment and the H'Rus Sept.

093.747.M41 Tau finally break the Imperial line in the town of Vidighese. A Company of the CCCLLI Vostroyan broke under sustained Tau assault. With the Tau in positions overlooking the main highway into the city from the south, the Imperial position became untenable and the withdrawal began, with the 291st Death Korps of Krieg regiment covering the retreat.

109.747.M41 Imperial forces around Vedighese fell back to wards the next defense line based around the defensible feature known as the Malvairn heights. At the foot hills the 291st Death Korps of Krieg regiment turned at bay and utterly smashed the Tau vanguard in hot pursuit. Imperial forces had lost 15 km of line and the town of Vedighese had fallen, but the line was re-established

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