Monday, 31 May 2010

Normandus Prime - Imperial Agri-World

++++Sniffer Sentinal patrol, GeoMarker Epsilon 3++++
'keep moving, try to get out of the valley to get a warning to base!' Sergeant Fretis screamed down the vox.

He turned his sentinel towards the xenos skimmer that had shredded his corporals sentinal like paper. 'Feel the light of the Emperors wrath xenos scum!', and thumbed both triggers on his control yoke. The hellstrike missile shot over the skimmer. However, the lascannon shot was true to the mark and struck the green vehicle squarely in the side of the hull. Fretis moaned as the kilojoules of energy from the beam of light was simply dissipated by the alien vehicles wave shield.

The skimmers turret rotated towards Sergeant Fretis's direction. 'Oh, throne' was the last words that came out of his mouth before the turret fired.

Normandus Prime was one of the key agri-worlds supplying much needed food to the forces and citizens of the imperium during the Damacles recovery. Due to the vast amounts of food that was required, extensive de-forestation was commenced across the planet. It was during the clearing of GeoMarker Theta 12 that one of the MegaCarver vehicles struck the half buried webway gate.

A week later the Ordos Xenos arrived, and a cordon was erected around GeoMarker Theta 12.
Two weeks later a message arrived from the depths of space for the inhabitants of Normandus Prime.

'Monkeigh, you have three days to leave this planet, or your ashes will be swept away by the wind'

Four days later, the Orion class battle cruiser 'Emperors Retribution' illuminated the night sky of Normandus when its engines went critical. The Endeavor class cruiser 'Indomitable Wrath' slammed into the city of 'Calvarados', killing everything within 8 miles of the impact site. Some say that the people there were the lucky ones.

A day later the Sword wind of Autarch Tirithon struck the major capital cities 'Cherbourgania' and 'Bayeux Prime'.

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