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Basic Data
Stat Value
Name: Wilderheim
Segmentum: Eastern Fringe (Ultima Segmentum)
Sector: Tortuga Marches
Subsector: Spinward Abyss
System: Wilderheim
Population: 1 Billion Humans (est); feral orks; Dark Eldar
Affiliation: None
Government human independent tribal
System Govenor Arch-MagosTulius Varus (In Exile)
Adept Presence None
Military Primitive tribal alliances, traders passing through the area have reported aggressive dark eldar presence of unknown size.
Trade As an imperial world the systems primary export was as an agri world. Of The two habitable worlds In the system Wilderheim IV was a fecund agriwolrd and fulfilled most of the imperial tithe. Wilderheim III supplied mostly rare earths and a small amount of manufactured goods for export and tithe.
Class: Feral World:Mining World
Tithe Grade: Adeptus Non

Beyond the writ of the Imperium, The Wilderhiem System is an independent Human world, where the Humans have regressed back beyond the space age and can now no longer travel between the two habitable worlds. The system contains one other point of interest, A Stargate to the Webway capable of delivering Eldar Ships into the Goldilocks Zone. Long ago the worlds of Wilderheim came to the attention of the Archon Azhad, a Dark Dark Eldar noble who claimed the world as a hunting preserve.

Wilderheim sits far out on the fringes of the galaxy, on the edge of a spray of stars linking two spiral arms in the Damocles gulf. Beyond Wilderheim Lies the Great gulf between spiral arms where star density drops to almost nothing.

The world was first charted by a Mechanicus explorator frigate seeking a new source of mineral wealth to make the Tortuga Marches spur economically viable. Finding little of economic worth the system was marked and a small survey settlement left behind on Wilderheim III to conduct a more detailed survey of the world. Two hundred years passed before the Administratum chose to site an Agri world] colony on Wilderheim IV. At the same time work began on terra forming the mining colony of Wilderheim III. No clear explanation has been found to indicate why there was a sudden interest in the world around this time. The world was flooded with teraformer enginseers, agri-workers imported from more populous worlds of the Tortuga Reaches, and Administratum officials to oversee it all.

For three millennia Wilderheim was counted amongst the demesnes of the Emperor, but it never archived any lasting civilisation and remained a marginal frontier world. Well away from any trade route and with nothing to recommend it as a destination,slowly and inevitably, Imperial Rule eroded away. The tithe fleets became more and more infrequent, the cities were abandoned and Eventually Wilderhiem was forgotten altogether.

By the time the greater warp gate was rediscovered by the Archon Azhad of the Dark Eldar, human civilisation on both worlds had regressed to a primitive state. Tribes of techno savages roamed the wastes between the ancient ruins of cities built by the Eagle God.

The Archon Azhad annexed the former imperial domain as a hunting preserve. Ork and Human populations would be managed to supply rest easy stream of slaves for the factories and pleasure pits of Comorrogh. The Archon discovery did not go without challenge, and like a gold rush, once news leaked of the Great Gate and the wealth of unguarded souls to be had, a rush began. The Archon Azhad defended his claim vigorously against all comers.

The Dark Eldar wars were brief and vicious, inevitably the human populations of both planets suffered in the crossfire. The last vestiges of technology were lost by the human population. The archon established his palace on Wilderhiem V in the ruins of the human capital and a hunting lodge on Wilderheim III.

Habitable Bodies
System Planet name Population Class Warzone Notes
Wilderheim Wilderheim III 100 Million Human (Est) Feral World Φ-λ Yes: Eldar; Dark Eldar; Necron Lost Imperial world. Desert
Wilderheim Wilderheim IV Unknown Feral World Φ-λ Lost Imperial world.
Wilderheim Altar Templum Abysal ext103 Unknown Wilderheim III: Orbital Port Facility Yes: Eldar; Dark Eldar; Necron Feral Servitors

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