Friday, 20 July 2012

The Traitor General

Game 1500 points
Tau H'Russ sept Codex tau empire
Lord Bleagh of the deathguard. Chaos Marines and Lost and the damned

The Tau H'Russ sept were sent to meet the traitor general Tensing in the ruinedminin settlement on the ash plains of the middle stuarts, a suitable ocation for a secret meeting. Unkown to the General and Shas'el Tarnera, The lords of Chaos had read the signs in he Warp. A successful deal between the Tau and the followers of the corpse god could strengthen the defences of the world and arrest its slide towards Nurgle perfection. The meeting must be stopped and General Tensing Killed or captured.

Tensing in the Center with the Tau Commander deep in negotiations. Armies deployed in Vanguard strike

By second turn, both sides had decided to execute the lord general, Chaos lord charged the general and his retinue, killing most of them, while the Tau commander, fearing the consequences of The general falling into enemy hands chose to Fire submunitions into the combat killing the remaining bodyguard. General Tensing fell to his knees begging for his life falling into the thrall of the chaos lord.

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