Thursday, 10 January 2013

Vanadian II

Vanadian II lies just outside the mercurial zone. Its rotational period is measured in centuries. The sun side is an uninhabitable volcanic fury, the night side is occupied by a mining facility maintained by the arts of the Mechanicus. Heavily shielded thus facility houses crawlers which scour the surface for minerals brought up during the last night cycle. The facility consists of three parts:

Shield Generators

Terrain: Dense buildings, machinery.
Special Rules:

Posession: Possessor can choose to switch off the shield generators for a strategic turn. Any Game played on Vanadian II units with toughness value will take D3 poison wounds per turn as lethal radiations sleet through the warriors deployed. except Chaos Marines, who are designed for this.

The Mineral Accelerator

Terrain: Sparse buildings, Machinery, hills

Special Rules: See shield Generator; in Vaccuum, one wound counts as two

Posession: Possessor can bombard any location not on Vanadian II. At the begining of the game roll d6 on 4+ the accellerator is in proper alignment. Posessor gets a free lance strike once per game.

The Minoculum (Administratum Bunker)

Terrain: General buildings, Zone Mortalis


Posession: Possessor can re-roll Warlord trait once and must accept second result.

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